14k.w. Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.48Ct.
14k.w. Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.48Ct.
14k.w. Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.48Ct.
14k.w. Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.48Ct.
Item No.: 17800

14k.w. Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.48Ct.

Cushion Cut Center Diamond: 1.02Ct. Color: H, Clarity: VS1 Certifed By EGL USA.
Brilliant Cut Side Diamonds: 0.46Ct.
Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
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  • Even though a diamond is the hardest substance known, that doesn't mean it cannot be chipped. Certain diamond cuts are more prone to chipping than others, such as princess cut or marquise diamonds can be chipped by taking a heavy blow at the most vulnerable part, at the corner, or the tip of the diamond. In that case the diamond would have to be removed & recut, resulting in a loss of weight & value.
  • It is important to remove jewelry when doing manual work. Not only your diamonds would be protected, but the metal of which the jewelry is made of (gold or platinum) would be preserved too.
  • Try not to bathe or shower with your jewelry, even though there is no harm to your diamonds, however hard water & soap would deposit a film underneath your diamonds, giving them a dull look.
  • Opals & turquoise are delicate stones. They can absorb oils & alcohols. Remove your jewelry when using skin lotion or perfumes. These stones are porous & can absorb chemicals & leave spots on them, & there isn't a solution to clean them again. Use same caution with pearls.
  • Check your jewelry at least twice a year in order to avoid future loss of stones. Gold is a soft metal, prongs do wear off after sometime. Proper care, checking & cleaning would avoid replacing your stones in the future.
  • If your rings need to be sized, make sure that they are never stretched. At Harry's jewelry gold or platinum is always added to rings in order to keep the thickness & the integrity of the ring intact.


Custom Jewelry

We custom design the majority of our fine jewelry. Jewelry made in white gold, Platinum & yellow gold. We can also redesign your old jewelry into new ones, using your own gold, diamonds, & gem stones. We will work with you to find out what you like as far as style & design, what your budget is, & show you several custom designs made just for you, with an estimate for the cost. Our prices are very competitive, since we do all the work in house. Our attention to detail & quality is very important. We have experience in this type of design work for over 30 years.

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We do repairs on fine jewelry. Sizing rings, repairing Bracelets, or chains. Replacing missing diamonds or gem stones. Reshanking of bands that have become too thin. Checking & cleaning jewelry is always free

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We repair watches. From simple battery changes, to sizing watch bands, to crystal replacements, to more complicated overhauling watches. From automatic, to manual, to quartz watches. We do service high grade watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Omega, Patek Philip etc. All of our watch repair comes with a 6 month warranty.

Cash for Gold & Diamonds

We buy old broken jewelry, diamond, coins, silverware, broken chains, single earrings, dental gold. We will quote you a price right away based on the price of gold that particular moment.


We appraise jewelry for insurance, estate, or personal reasons. The appraisal comes with a picture of the piece of jewelry, a description of the item. Weight,Color, & Clarity of diamonds with a full retail value. There is no need to leave your jewelry with us. We just need about 15 minutes to take a picture & notes about your piece of jewelry. The appraisal can be picked up, mailed or e-mailed the following day.