* Your Jewelry Care:
Your jewelry is precious and requires special attention:
-Remove your jewelry when washing your hands with corrosive products that could pemanently damage stones and pearls.
-Pay attention at your daily activities when wearing your jewelry, including potential impact.
-Never wear your jewelry while gardening, even with gloves on.
-keep your jewelry away from intense heat sources, or temperature exchanges.
-Have your jewelry checked by us twice a year for prong wear or any damages.
* Polishing Services:
-We will polish your jewelry, by removing all scratches from the metal, and cleaning all your precious stones.
-We recommend not polishing your jewelry more than twice a year, as each polishing removes a tiny layer of the metal.
* Cleaning Services:
-We will ultrasonically clean & check your precious jewelry for any loose stones or any wear. This service is free of charge.
* Engraving Services:
-Complimentary engraving is done free of charge for any purchases from Harry's Jewelry. Machine engraving and laser engraving is also performed.
* Repairs:
-We provide repairs of jewelry, watches, and restringing of pearls.
* Custom Orders and redesign of jewelry:
-We can provide you with sketches or images of new designs of your custom made jewelry with an estimate of the cost involved in creating it.
* Appraisal:
-We provide written detailed appraisals for insuring your precious jewelry
* Watch Repair:
-We repair watches of all caliber, including high grade watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tag Hueur and many more. Our watch technician is certified by Rolex. All replacement parts needed for repairing watches are factory genuine parts. All repairs come with a 6 months warranty.
* Insurance:
-We provide you with a quote for insuring your jewelry against theft, damage, or mysterious disappearances. This service is provide in store without any obligation, and is usualy performed within few minutes.