Q: Do you design jewelry?
A: Yes we do. We can also redesign older jewelry into new ones, using your gold, platinum and diamonds.
Q: How much does it cost to design a piece of jewelry?
A: It depends on how simple, or intricate is the piece of jewelry. It can be from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
Q: How can I tell how a new design is going to look like?
A: We will draw several designs on paper and quote you a price before you take a decision.
Q: Do you carry loose diamonds?
A: Yes. Our inventory of loose diamonds are certified by GIA or EGL.
Q: What is the difference between white gold and platinum ?
A: Platinum is a precious metal that is very tough, dense and is naturally white in color in its pure form. White gold is white in color, because white alloys, such as silver, palladium & nickel are mixed with pure gold ( which is dark yellow in color) to make it white.
Q: Why is white gold plated with rhodium?
A: Since white gold has pure gold in it, which has a dark yellow color, the final color of white gold is more light gray instead of white. Rhodium is a precious metal used to plate white gold to turn the color from grey to strong shiny white.
Q: What is the difference between 10K. 14k. 18k. & 24K.?
A: 24k= 100% pure gold. 18k.= 75% pure gold. 14k.= 58.5% pure gold & 10k.= 41.2% pure gold.
Q: What is the difference between a diamond & a moisanite?
A: A moisanite is a man made stone that comes close to the look of a diamond but can never replace it. From the brilliance, to the hardness & to the beauty. That is why only a genuine natural diamond can be called a diamond. There is no substitute to a diamond.
Q: Do you do any jewelry repairs?
A: Yes. All of our jewelry repairs are done on the premise.
Q: Do you repair Rolex watches?
A: Yes. Our watch repair technician is certified by Rolex. We also work on all kind of watches including high grade watches. All watch work comes with a 6 months warranty.